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Children’s joy and happiness are a big part of their learning.

At Reliable Child Care, we encourage them to have fun as a part of their education, with child-led activities which are adapted to their abilities and interests.

Infant Program

6 weeks to 18 months

The Infant Room is where your child will start their learning experience, and at Reliable Child Care, we want all of our children to have a shared and continued love of learning! That’s why we emphasize a hands-on learning approach, even in our infant room.

In our Infant Room, our experienced teachers have an abundance of love, patience, and knowledge when working with infants! They will design their day to fit the needs of your child, and as your child grows, they ensure to promote more advanced and challenging experiences for your little one, all while creating a secure and special bond.


As your child grows, our teacher will create fun and exciting sensory exploration for them, which introduces them to different tactile experiences. Additionally, we allow them access to safe and age-appropriate art supplies, books, nursery rhymes, music, and we always make sure they get the most out of our time outside.

A few things we include daily in our Infant Room Program are:

  • Sensory Play and Exploration

  • Music Exploration, which includes nursery rhymes, finger play, using instruments, and much more

  • Storytime

  • Sign Language

  • Fine motor and gross motor activities that are created for your child’s specific needs

  • Art activities that introduce infants to different tactile activities and sensory experiences

At Reliable Child Care we understand the importance of an infant developing strong and secure connections with their caregiver. Our Infant teachers have an abundance of love and patience to help your child know that they will have all their needs met and always feel loved.

For our young infants in our program, we always promote tummy time to help establish those important key muscles and as they grow, we encourage all the different stages of their gross motor development.

Our older infants will have a blast exploring their classrooms as they are more mobile. Our Infant classroom has a wide assortment of age-appropriate toys that are routinely rotated in their classroom, along with a baby pull-up bar for those learning to stand, an acrylic wall-mounted mirror so they can look at themselves and friends, and an infant gym!


There is also a big emphasis on language and communication in our infant program and that is why we encourage sign language to ease any frustration for the child that is trying to communicate.

Our seasoned teachers throughout our daycare center know the importance of making every moment with your child a teachable moment. We strive to create memories of all the fun experiences here and to create friendships that will last a lifetime!

Toddler Program

18 months to 3 years old

At Reliable Child Care we understand that the best way for a child to learn is through PLAY! We strive to immerse all the children in our care with hands-on exploration throughout their day, for an optimal learning experience and our Toddler Class is no different.

Our toddlers are full of energy and we design our classroom to fit the needs of their active little bodies. In our Toddler Program, as we do with all our classrooms, we incorporate hands-on learning that is fun and engaging for them! We always schedule ample amounts of outside play for them to help promote gross motor development.


Toddlers are naturally full of curiosity and wonder. Our experienced staff understand this and use this as a way to have them lead their own learning. Our staff observes what your child is showing interest in and expands on their natural curiosity by incorporating descriptive language, fun games, and art projects around their interests.

Below are a few things we incorporate in our everyday activities:

  • Circle Time

  • Music and Movement

  • Storytime

  • Process Art

  • Sign Language

  • Fine Motor Activities

  • Gross Motor Activities

  • Potty Training

  • Sensory Exploration

  • Exploration of the centers in the classroom

Our Toddler Room Daily Schedule includes different types of hands-on learning to keep our busiest students active, happy, and learning throughout the day.

Our Toddler Program also includes sensory play and exploration every day, where your child will be using their senses as they explore our sensory bins. We include different tactile materials along with various utensils and shovels to scoop, fill and pour. Additionally, your child will be able to run, play, climb and explore the outside in our spacious backyard twice a day. Our teachers introduce and help in the process of learning how to use the potty, hand-washing, and assisting them throughout the day with their social development as well.

Jr Pre-K and Pre-K Classrooms

3 to 5 years old

In every minute of our day, there is an opportunity for a child to learn something. The Preschool Program we created has an atmosphere that is welcoming, safe, and most importantly FUN!

Our small classroom size for both our Jr. Pre-K and Pre-K rooms enables us to create lessons that are specific to the needs and goals of each individual child. Our experienced teachers know that each child not only learns differently but also develops at different times. Within our daily schedule, we offer many opportunities for small groups and one on one time to help foster specific skills for each child.


Listed below is a sample of some things we incorporate into our everyday schedule:

  • Table Time Activities: Our preschoolers are working on name recognition, letter recognition, correct letter formation, and developing their pencil grip. For table time activities they are learning various skills, such as counting, one-to-one correspondence, strengthening their fine motor skills, number order, and number formation, puzzles, sharing, and team working skills.

  • Calendar Time: They are working on name recognition, the question of the week, which includes learning how to read left to right, sight words and answering a yes or no question, learning the Pledge of Allegiance, counting, syllables and fostering independence along with pride in their capabilities with our classroom job helpers.

  • Circle Time: We are discussing the theme for the day, working on group participation, expressing themselves and talking in front of their peers, graphing, counting, and games that promote literacy and phonics.

  • Music and Movement: Incorporates finger play songs to help with dexterity and promoting fine motor skills, songs that teach rhyming, movement songs that incorporate large muscle movement, counting, alphabet songs, phonics, and all the favorites!

  • Outdoor Play and Gross Motor Development: Our spacious backyard helps promote gross motor skills such as climbing, running, pedaling, along with observation and exploration of the outside and the world around them.

  • Process Art: We are strengthening fine motor skills, promoting sensory exploration, we emphasize process art, learning and establishing proper pencil grasp, learning how to use a glue stick and glue bottle, mixing colors, cause and effect, various art techniques, and self-expression.

  • Storytime: They are learning how to listen to a story, asking questions and answering questions related to the story, raising their hand and listening to their peers, re-telling the story, and sequencing.

  • Center Exploration: Our preschoolers are working on sharing, conflict resolution, imagination, teamwork, fine motor skills, building and construction, STEM and STEAM, exploration, and our sensory table that changes bi-weekly to expose the children to various textures and tools.

Our classroom has 8 different areas that your child can explore, research, learn and grow throughout the day and our Daily Schedule was created to incorporate a combination of active play, small group, and large group activities along with art, music, and plenty of outside play.

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